Top 10 places in India to cherish your honeymoon


Sometimes, it is tough for us to find out the best place where we can relish the best essence of the honeymoon. So, here are some honeymoon places, which will quench the thirst of your romantic soul and will make you fall in love with your partner even more.

Top 10 honeymoon places in India

1. Goa – Where you can dive in the plethora of romance

With pristine beaches and vivid culture Goa is considered to be one of the best honeymoon places in India. Once you and your partner set your feet in Goa, you will be surrounded by a blanket of warm and cozy ambiance where you can enrich the understanding of your love.

2. Udaipur – The city surrounded by the sumptuousness of romantic air

Right now, Udaipur is one of the most visited places amongst the married couples. The beauty of this place rests in the royal architectures and man-made lakes, which adds significantly to the romantic factor.

3. Coorg – Feed your amorous soul with the echoes of the hill

Coorg is one of the most underrated romantic destinations of India, yet it has numerous things to offer in its palate. The hills here will soothe your soul and you can spend some peaceful time with your partner.

4. Darjeeling – Fire up your romance in the heart of the mountains

Darjeeling is considered to be a tantalizing destination for the newly married couples. Once you come to Darjeeling, you will feel like you have entered the land of fairy tales. To start with your alluring romantic journey, you must take a mesmerizing ride of Darjeeling Himalayan railway.

5. Munnar – A picturesque destination for your honeymoon

Munnar is one of the most stunning honeymoon places in India. It is situated in the Idduki district, which lies in the laps of Western Ghats. The factors which make this place charmingly romantic are green hills, spices, coffee, and tea plantation.

6. Andaman – The stifling ecstasy

To spend some alone time with your partner, amidst the vastness of an ocean, head towards Andaman. The peaceful beaches will push you to get lost in love with your partner.

7. Gangtok – The north-eastern delight

In Gangtok, you can relish the cuddling with your partner while apprizing the soul-touching sunrise in the skyline of Khangchendzonga. The surreal landscapes of Gangtok imbibed with magic-realism can take you to land of utopia.

8. Pahalgam – A secluded place for peaceful love

Hiding in the valleys of Kashmir, Pahalgam is a very peaceful place that will soothe your eyes and senses. Also known as the ‘valley of shepherds’, Pahalgam is covered with untouched saffron fields, which will make you dive deep in the state of love.

9. Alleppey – Hypnotic beauty to make you fall in love

Alleppey is also recognized as the Venice of the east. Here, you can hold the person you love, in your arms and get lost in the psychedelic trip of appealing backwaters.

10. Manali – Romance in the middle of the whispers of a mountain

How can we miss Manali, when it comes to romantic destinations? With its antiquated beauty and snowcapped mountain ranges, Manali has many things to offer in its palate.


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