With its enthralling beaches and hippy vibes, Goa is a place where you can relish the psychedelic collocation of nature. It is a surreal place, which has some astonishing things to offer. To enjoy the urban colors of the Indian culture, you must head towards Goa. Pristine beaches combined with vast reserved wildlife, Goa is an appealing combination of bliss, happiness and positivity. Apart from its scenic beauty, Goa has some amazing foods to offer.

While in Goa, if you are a foodie and seeking to taste some fantastic Mexican foods, then you must visit the below-mentioned restaurant in Goa to satisfy your taste buds with some mouth-pampering Mexican foods.


This place serves some amazing tacos, one of the most popular dishes in Mexico. Also, the Quesadilla they serve will create a symphony in your mouth. The ambiance of this place is very friendly, and the people who serve food are very welcoming. If you come to Antojitos, do not forget to try their amazing dessert, the snickerdella.


This is exactly the restaurant in Goa, which you are looking for. The set-up of this place will take you to the colorful land of Mexico. In each table, you will find a colorful Mexican hat. Also, the music of this place is very enticing. Whenever you come to Habanero, do not miss to gorge on some delightful Mexican dishes like crispy nachos, stuffed with cheese, olive jalapenos and more. The classic burritos served here will burst in your mouth with flavors.


This place has a different ambiance altogether. The crowd over here is pretty matured and sophisticated. The jazz music in the background will create a classy mood, and you can spend some elegant style in this place. The Mexican foods are loaded with flavor and can make your taste buds dance in the sonata. At the end of it, do not forget to twist your tongue with the amazing Mocha Dark Rum ice cream.

The Station

Another restaurant in Goa with some delicious and charming Mexican food is The Station. The cozy and quaint atmosphere of this place is a treat to the senses. The significant part of this place is that it has kept the old-school and rustic charm of Goa, but the food is modern and classy. The must-try Mexican food of this place is Penne Alfredo. The staffs over here are very generous and will help you to make decisions regarding your food.

Poco Loco Mexican

Right now, many tourists are heading towards the Poco Loco Mexican to absorb the true essence of Mexico. This is a very intriguing place for both food lovers and as well as music lovers. During Friday nights, also known as Jazz nights, this place witnesses a packed-up crowd. The Mexican food, which is served here, will satisfy your palate as well. Whenever you come to Poco Loco Mexican, do not miss to gorge on Tortillas, Burritos, Enchiladas, Fajitas and Quesadillas.

So, you must visit Goa and must not forget to walk-in to these fantastic Mexican restaurants.



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